Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Houston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Doctor Daniel McGrath, D.O. understands that not all patients desire hair transplant surgery nor are they good candidates for it. Men who are just starting to notice hair loss and women with thinning hair can achieve promising results with a non-surgical procedure at McGrath Medical. You can learn more about ACell with PRP and Low Level Light Therapy (LLT), the two non-surgical procedures offered by Doctor McGrath, during a consultation with him. This complimentary session is available in his Houston Texas office or by Skype.

ACell Hair Re-Growth Therapy with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

This non-surgical hair restoration procedure is the combination of two proven therapies. ACell is a powder made from the bladder of pigs that doctors already use to facilitate wound healing and tissue re-growth. PRP comes from your own blood and is rich in protein and growth factors. When used together, ACell with PRP stimulates dormant hair follicles to allow them to produce healthy new hairs again. The procedure takes approximately one hour and may not need to be repeated for up to three years.

When you arrive at Doctor McGrath’s office, he obtains a small blood sample from your arm and places it in a centrifuge. This spinning action of the centrifuge separates the platelet rich plasma from whole blood. He then mixes the PRP with a saline solution and places in a vial to prepare for an injection. After numbing your scalp, he injects the ACell powder combined with your own PRP. It travels directly to the cells of your hair follicles to provide nutrients and stimulation. You don’t feel anything other than the minimal discomfort of receiving the numbing agent.

Doctor McGrath also uses ACell with PRP for patients who have had the FUT or FUE hair transplant surgery. This helps to speed up the process of natural hair re-growth in the weeks and months after the procedure. ACell with PRP is an especially promising therapy for women who have not had success with medication, shampoos, or the other limited options available to them for thinning hair.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

LLLT is a convenient non-surgical hair restoration method in which you wear a cap that emits light energy to your scalp for 30 minutes every other day. You can wear the Capillus272 Pro cap from the comfort and privacy of your own home or wherever you happen to be. Capillus LLLT caps improve the circulation in your hair follicles through a process called phototherapy. This allows low levels of laser energy to penetrate your scalp and increase hair follicle activity at the cellular level.

The process also enables improved blood flow and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, all of which create the ideal conditions to grow healthy, thick hair. Recent studies indicate that men and women who use the Capillus LLLT cap regularly over the period of several months have an average increased hair count of 51 percent. In addition, it can increase natural melatonin in the hair follicles to darken gray hair. When your new hair starts to grow in, it appears thicker, fuller, and silkier than it was before treatment. As with ACell with PRP, LLLT is especially attractive to women who have had few hair restoration options until now.

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As someone who experienced male pattern baldness himself, Houston Hair Restoration Doctor Daniel McGrath understands the frustration of hair loss. He wants to help you find the best solution for your situation, whether that is through surgical or non-surgical means.

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